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Oresa Industra is a specialised developer and asset manager of logistics and industrial real estate.

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A Top Agency Leading the Logistic Parks Marketing Throughout the USA.

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You're in Good Hands

We make it our top priority to meet and, where possible, exceed the expectations of our customers. Our asset management philosophy puts people and their needs first. We listen. We make it happen.

Business Ethics

We and our partners adhere to the code of integrity and fairness. We think this is important. We stubbornly stick to this rule, both when choosing new investments and when deciding on the operation of our properties.

Long Term

We are here to stay. Our investment approach is long-term, we are building value brick by brick and contact by contact, rooted in local needs and local business culture.

Local Action and Local Impact

Our parks are homes for local businesses, where people go daily to work, to grow, to flourish. We understand that we have a duty towards these communities and we strive to make a measurable positive impact.

Our focus

Sustained action for sustainable future


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